Null Factor Needs Your Help!

Null Factor is in the studio, writing and recording tracks for the 7th studio release, titled, "Uncle Sam and Aunt Pharm". US&AP is to be a 2-disc set, both discs part of a long reaching concept album that weaves a tale of a shadowy government that slowly brainwashes their subjects with propaganda, smooth tongues, and prescriptions drugs. Featuring the skillful merging of pounding percussion and pulsating synthesizers for which Null Factor has become known, but continues to move the Null Factor sound forward with a greater vocal range, going from subtle whispers, melodic passages, and tortured screams - usually all in one song. By far, the most ambitious effort put for by Harvell's Null Factor.

To give "Uncle Sam and Aunt Pharm" the attention that it deserves, Null Factor is appealing to the public for help in making the album the best it can be. A Kickstarter project page has been set up to raise funds to be used to have the 2-disc album professionally mastered, for maximum impact. Pledges from $1.00US are accepted and appreciated with some incredible rewards for higher pledge amounts, including some exclusive memorabilia.

Help make "Uncle Sam and Aunt Pharm" be the best it can be and score some incredible stuff by doing so. Be sure to spread the word!

Anticitizen Is Available On Your Favorite Music Service

"Anticitizen" is available on your favorite music service, including: Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes, MySpace Music, Napster, Zune, and many, many more. If your favorite music service wasn't mentioned, check out the service you use... chances are it will be there. Stream it, cache it, download it, and spread the word! Of course, "Anticitizen" is also available via digital download and CD at the Null Factor store.